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What I’ve Been Up To + Last Week’s Workouts


It’s been forever, I know.

I’ve been SUCH a busy bee. It’s been a few months since I’ve last posted, but here’s an update on my life in a nutshell since we last chatted: I’ve competed in 2 Crossfit competitions, moved to a new apartment, celebrated turning 30 (eek!) with many of those that I love, helped reach a major milestone at my company, bought myself a traditional Indian dress and celebrated Diwali for the first time, binged on hours of Grey’s Anatomy, started a 30 day shred, have noticed a major improvement in my bikram yoga skills and bought a violin to try and start learning how to play again.

So in short, I’ve been busy. Forgive me?

In other news, I’ve been really trying to shed off some weight before Christmas and get fit, so I’ve signed up for a 30 day shred with CM Fitness. My coach has had me eating a distressing amount of protein (160 g, to be exact), sticking to around 1500 calories a day, burning 600 cals at the gym, whilst also walking at least 10k steps per day. The first week was probably a write off, as I got used to the program and had my birthday party. However, I’m getting used to all the food and workouts, and while I have some bad days, they have been mostly good. I want to do it a week longer than what everyone else is going to do, just because of that first week, but I hope I’ll start seeing results soon!

In the meantime, here are my workouts from last week, in case you need some inspiration!

Monday 12 Nov 2018

90 minutes of Bikram Yoga. I burned about 600 calories!

I have noticed that my right leg is super tight lately, and that’s where all my issues are with my knee and back. I need to work on my flexibility, so I’m going to aim to do bikram 2x a week.

My Step Count for the day was 10,770.

Tuesday 13 Nov 2018

On Tuesday, I did a Crossfit  session at Crossfit Humber:

The warm consisted of 10 kettlebell (kb) swings, 10 5 kg plate raises, and 10 wall ball jerks. Afterwards, we did 3 minutes of the pushing motion, and I did a pushup EMOM (every minute on the minute) and a 30 second HSH (hand stand hold). That was what probably aggravated my shoulder blade more, but I powered through. Afterwards we did some weight lifting and metabolic conditioning.


Push Jerks – We had to work on building to a heavy 6 reps, then 3 additional sets of 3 at that same weight. I got 35 kg, which turns out, was a PB!

Metabolic Conditioning: 

This workout had me drenched in so much sweat! I really like skipping/jumping rope, but I can’t quite master double unders, especially not unbroken. Because of this, I was  told to double the amount of double unders, which took forever!

The workout consisted of 4 rounds:

60 double unders,

30 American KB swings at 16 kg

15 Down Ups.

This had a 14 min time cap, and because of the doubled amount of jumping I had some reps left.

My total step count for Tuesday was 16,177.

Wednesday 14 Nov 2018

On Wednesday, I decided to go tot the regular gym and work on my own. I like to mix it up because I tend to get bored with only doing one thing. I ran for about 20 minutes on the treadmill, and burned about 206 kcals. Afterwards I worked on some isolated movements, in areas that I know need work:

    • Hip adductor: 25 kg, 4 rounds of 10 reps
  • Hip abductor: 35 kg, 4 rounds of 10 reps.

Then, I did 2 rounds of the following:

    • American kettle bell swings: 12 kg bell x 25 reps
  • kettlebell deadlift: 20 kg bell at 25 reps.

I decided to test out my new Fitbit Versa in the water, and went for a 1000m swim to end the workout. I absolutely love it! It was keeping track of the laps that I did, and somehow, it new that I was in a 25m pool! Having a tracker really takes out the necessity to remember what lap you’re on, and that always used to stress me out, as I’d forget mid swim.

Step count: 17,095

Thursday 15 Nov 2018

This was another Crossfit Session at Humber. Our warm up consisted of 3 rounds of:

    • 10 jumping air squats
    • 10 x 5 kg plate GTOH (or ground to overhead with the plate)
    • 5 down ups (which are just burpees that don’t end in a jump)
  • 10 sit ups

Afterwards, we had a 3 min pulling EMOM (every minute on the minute). We were supposed to hang on a bar and pull ourselves, with either resistance bands or strict, but I did ring rows instead and plate raise between sets, because my shoulder needs me to chill.

The actual workout was 3 separate workouts.

Workout 1:

6 min, As Many Reps As Possible

We had to do alternating wall balls and dumbell snatches starting at 21 reps, then 15 reps then 9 of each movement. I did the wall balls with the 8lb weight because I can’t deal with how awful wallballs are, and instead of the alternating dumbell snatches, I did kettlebell swings to keep my shoulder from getting too much strain.

2 min rest

Workout 2: 

6 min AMRAP


    • Instead of toes-to-bar, I did sit-ups and had to double the quantity (ie – instead of 15, I did 30).
  • Box jump over at 20 inches height

2 min rest

Workout 3:

After completing workouts 1 and 2, we had to do 12-9-6 of Power Cleans, and burpees over the bar. My weight for the power clean was a measly 25 kg, when the prescribed workout weight for women is 42.5 kg. I can’t wait to get stronger!

My step count for the day was 14,290.

Friday 16 Nov 2018

I went back to the regular gym to end my week. My warm up run was 5 km on the treadmill. Afterwards, I hit up a few equipment:

    • Leg press: 10 x 50 kg, 10 x 60 kg, 10 x 70 kg, 3 sets of 5 at 80 kg
    • Hip abductor: 4 sets of 10 at 35 kg
    • Hip adductor: 4 sets of 10 at 25 kg
  • Shoulder press: 2 sets of 10 at 15 kg, 1 set of 10 at 10kg

After the machines, I wanted to finish off with another cardio activity and rowed for about 10 min (1811 m).

My step count for the day was 13,515.

Saturday 17 Nov 2018

I went to bikram yoga at 9 am, burning about 560 calories, cleaned my house and binged on Grey’s.

Step Count: 5,148 (a bit lazy on the steps, but I was nursing cramps on the sofa for a few hours).

Sunday 18 Nov 2018

Rest day.

Step count: 11,748.

If you have any questions on how I was doing my workouts, or about my progress, comment below! I’m planning on doing some before and after photos when I finish up my shred!

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