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The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is approaching! I put together this pretty comprehensive gift guide in case you need some ideas of gifts you can get for the father or father-like figures in your life. There are gifts for the coffee lover, the bookworm, techy-types, some pretty cool kitchen and travel stuff, as well as some fun gifts for the road warriors. Read on for more!!

Please note that I can earn a small commission at no added cost to you if you decide to purchase any one of my suggestions!

the coffee snob

The coffee snob is the dad who can be super particular about everything related to coffee. He is the person that will weigh out exactly how much coffee to add, only grind his gourmet coffee beans instead of buying them already ground, and will only use the finest accessories for his favorite morning ritual. God forbid you mention that you like McDonald’s coffee to him…

  1. Sometimes you don’t just want coffee. Here is some coffee infused with real whiskey.
  2. For a cup of coffee on the go, the Stanley French Press is a good option.  
  3. For the man who wants to try it all, a coffee subscription.
  4. When the weather starts warming up, there is quite nothing like a nice cold brew. Here is a cool-looking iced coffee maker (giving some chem lab vibes).
  5. I love this retro-style drip coffee maker and I’m sure he will too! 
the athlete

This dad probably played multiple sports in high school and will tell you about his ‘glory days’ all the time. He cares about staying active, and needs all the right accessories to make sure he can keep doing the things he loves, even as he gets older!

  1. Make his workouts a little more convenient with this lightweight running backpack.
  2. Gotta support my hometeam with a Nuggets NBA finals T-shirt…Dads love t-shirts!
  3. Get the father/father figure in your life some comfy Lululemon shorts!
  4. After a long workout, a mini Theragun is perfect for taking care of those aches and pains…
  5. When he doesn’t have time to hit the gym, this adjustable dumbbell set is perfect to get a home workout in!
the bookworm

The bookworm dad is someone who you will find in his glasses, sitting in his favorite chair with a drink in one hand and a book in the other. He likes to get lost in a good history book or learn something new, and still prefers paper books to e-books, although maybe he will consider audiobooks for his drive to work!

  1. For the guy who insists on reading book books, this booklight will keep him reading into the night!  
  2. The history buff will love this book about Sam Adams…  
  3. I thought these headphone book ends were so cute!
  4. Peter Attia is pretty well known in the biohacking/longevity space, and I’m looking forward to reading his book, Outlive.
  5. If your dad loves books, but can’t find the time to read, you can always gift him an Audible membership!
captain gadget

This dad loves his toys and is not scared of changing technology, but rather, embraces it. At the same time, he can be nostalgic for some of the techy things of his past!

  1. This is actually such a cool gadget. It’s called the Dodowin Contour Gauge and it takes the shape of whatever corner or object you place it on to help with drawing lines!
  2. The leather Courant Wireless Charger looks elegant enough to go in the office or even on the bedside table. I love that it can charge all your tech at once, and has space for jewelry and other trinkets too.
  3. I had some Beats Powerbeats Pro Headphones for a few years before I lost them while traveling for work, and honestly, I really miss them, even though now I have the AirPods Pro. They stay put even when getting sweaty while running!
  4. One guy in our hiking club has a drone and has captured some of the coolest videos of our hikes. This DJI Mini 2 Drone looks like such a fun gift for the dad that loved playing with racecars as a kid and/or has a thing for cameras!
  5. There are so many people who are buying some of the old classic electronics for nostalgia’s sake. This PlayStation took me down memory lane!
stylish stud

This dad cares about his appearance and loves to look effortlessly put together, without sacrificing style. He loves good cologne, loafers, polos, and comfy trousers.

  1. I bought a pair of women’s Lululemon trousers and absolutely fell in love because they are a really comfortable material, but they make you look more polished. It feels like wearing leggings to work! These Warpstreme Trousers are the version for men…
  2. I thought these Rothys Loafers would be perfect on any guy this Spring/Summer season…
  3. Love the color and look of this H&M The Polo Shirt.
  4. These are really nice, white, lace up sneakers.
  5. I bought this Yves Saint Laurent Cologne Bleue for D a few years ago, and we both LOVE how it smells. Highly recommended!
the head chef

Head Chef Dad loves spending time in the kitchen. He loves to learn new recipes, try new flavors, and entertain! He is a mean machine on the grill but is now venturing into other areas, such as making pizza and bread from scratch…

  1. It doesn’t get more elevated than being able to make your own homemade pizza. I love this personal pizza maker because you don’t even need a fancy pizza oven to do it!
  2. Truffle oil and hot sauce are staples in my kitchen, and I think they make such good gifts as well!
  3. If your dad has recently picked up grilling, he probably needs a good tool set. Check this one out… 
  4. Cooking with Fire is on my list of cookbooks to try this year. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing enough to be left out on the kitchen counter, but it’s by the makers of these super nice Ooni Pizza Ovens so they clearly know what they are talking about!
  5. One of my biggest kitchen pet peeves is cutting anything with a dull knife. All of our knives are hand-me-downs and probably 20 years old, and I feel like no matter how sharp I sharpen them, they are dull very soon after. Plus, I don’t even have a proper set of steak knives. These Steakhouse Knives look so good so I’m really tempted to just buy myself a set and stop cutting my meat with butterknives or chef’s knives…  
the mountain lover

This Dad will disappear into the wilderness any chance he is able to! Whether he hikes, hunts, camps, or all of the above, he probably has all the gear, but a good upgrade is always welcome!

  1. My brother is a hunter and I thought of him when I saw this decoration for the bathroom. It makes me crack up so much that I’m actually thinking of getting him this!
  2. Every mountaineer needs to have a dependable GPS system, especially if there is any chance they can wander off the trail. D has something similar to this Garmin InReach Mini and loves it!  
  3. Having a survival kit is also super important for avid hikers. This kit looks like it has a lot of the basics that you need to survive in the wilderness if the worst was to happen.
  4. Hikers need reliable hiking boots, and they can’t go wrong with these ones from Columbia.
  5. Backpacking backpacks are also really good gifts! I love this one from The North Face
the adventurer

The road warrior/adventurer Dad is always hopping from city to city. He likely values comfort, but not entirely at the cost of style.

  1. When you’re a road warrior, it’s soooo helpful to have a good neck pillow. I’ve heard good things about this one!
  2. I personally own an Away suitcase and absolutely love mine. I would love to get the bigger carry-on and think anyone who does a lot of traveling should have one of these durable suitcases at the ready!
  3. Once he gets to his destination, make sure he has something comfy to change into. These PJs look great!
  4. If Dad gets hot easily on travel (or anywhere, really) this handheld fan seems like it would be a great solution!
  5. No adventurer is complete without a notebook to record his adventures in. I love how minimalist Moleskins look…
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