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  • Monday Ramblings | 06.12.2023

    It’s another Monday again folks, and you know what that means… Another installment of Monday Ramblings is live on the blog with another weekly roundup of fun or interesting links to things I’ve read or listened to over the week… And what a spectacular, stormy weekend we had on the Front Range. If rain is here to stay, I have decided I’m here for it!

    Monday Ramblings
    / June 12, 2023
  • Monday Ramblings | 5.22.2023

    Thanks for once again joining me on another installment of Monday Ramblings, a weekly roundup where I catch you up on the last few days, ramble on a little, as well as share links to things I’m reading, listening to, and loving…

    Monday Ramblings
    / May 22, 2023
  • Linked up

      Happy Friday! It’s been a long week but I love ending it with a round up of some interesting…

    / October 28, 2016
  • linked up, interesting, links, colds, fashion, girl power. poor 30 year olds, losing weight

    Linked Up

    Linked Up Here is the weekly roundup of links that have caught my eye. Have a read. My personal favorite…

    / October 14, 2016