50 Things That Make Me Happy

50 Things That Make Me Happy

You know those days when you feel down, and you just can’t seem to think of one thing that makes you happy? I’ve recently had a few of those. The gloomy, dark weather is upon us here in Northern England and if you add in some home-sickness, missing my boyfriend, family and dog, it can be a terrible combination. I wanted to jot down a few things that make me smile, for when those winter blues start taking their toll…

Here’s the countdown:

50. Figure skating

49. Chipotle

48. A really delicious and creamy cappuccino

47. Eating Nutella out of the jar

46. The endorphins and high you feel after accomplishing something at the gym

45. Receiving letter in the post

44. Goats cheese in my salad

43. Planning for my next trip/adventure

42. Receiving birthday cards/valentine’s day cards/any occasion cards

41. Putting on my nightly face cream (it feels so darn good! I use Nspa Ever Youthful Bouncy Night Cream and it is amazing!)

40. Wasting hours on Pinterest

39. Wearing my medal after a 10k race

38. Rainy Saturday (early) mornings

37. Photos of flowers

36. Cadbury’s milk chocolate and red wine

35. Cocktails and dancing at Rift with friends

34. Snapchats from friends I haven’t heard from in a while

33. A really delicious brunch

32. Decorating my apartment

31. Starting a really good book

30. Cozy sweaters

29. Snowboarding

28. Fireplaces or fire pits and a good book

27. A neatly made bed

26. A fresh bouquet of flowers to decorate my flat

25. Eating sushi, especially at Yo Sushi (the conveyor belt of sushi is the most positively distracting thing ever)

24. The color burgundy

23. Learning new things

22. Learning a new language

21. Witnessing a beautiful sunset

20. Walking in the wilderness

19. My iPhone

18. Really nice smelling hand cream

17. My iPad (I never knew what I was missing in life before I got one!)

16. My morning coffee

15. Finding that perfect article of clothing (ie: shopping)

14. Getting lost in a new city

13. Perfect beach days

12. Holding hands

11. Eating Tapas

10. Trying a new recipe

9. Puppies. Just all puppies. Kitties too

8. On that note, pugs (especially Doug the Pug)

7. Since we are still talking about dogs, Nala.

6. When Nala snuggles with me at night

5. Setting off to a new (or old!) destination

4. Wine nights and ‘catch up’ with friends you don’t see often

3. Quiet Sundays, reading my Bible, and remembering what my Savior did for me

2. Long embraces with family after not seeing them in months

1. When he whispers “te quiero” over the phone, when he thinks I’ve already fallen asleep…

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