Hiking the Barranco del Infierno

hiking the barranco del infierno in Alicante Spain

When somebody asks you if you want to hike something called the ‘Canyon of Hell’, the rational, reasonable side of you should logically say “Hell no!”. However, the rational and reasonable side of me is quite oppressed by my love for adventure, so when D asked, I agreed. And I didn’t regret it one bit.

Prior to flying out to Spain for a week holiday, my only request was that we escape the city for a hike or something relaxing. When D suggested this hike, I immediately was up for the challenge. While perhaps hiking 14 km isn’t what most people would call ‘relaxing’, it was the perfect way to unwind. The weather was so warm and sunny and D and I were the only two people on the trail for most of the day. At the end of it, my head was completely clear of any stress I felt from work, and it was a great way for the two of us to bond.

barranco del infierno, ruta,

The trail is a circular route passing through two villages and having 4 descents and 3 ascents. We completed it in about 6 hours.

entrance to the canyon del infierno

hunk of a hiker

hikers in spain

barranco del infierno, los escalones

This route is considered the “Cathedral of Hiking”. It supposedly has 3343 descending stairs, and about 2603 ascending stairs. The ‘Vall de Laguart’ (or Laguart Valley). This valley was very important in the history of the region. The stairs were built by the Moors, and later, the Christians recaptured the region.

Beautiful Alicante scenery

The views were spectacular. There were so many wildflowers, rosemary bushes and poppies along the route. Many people come up to this area to collect herbs.

hiking in Spain sporting my Colorado Threads leggings

I cannot give enough praise to Colorado Threads. These leggings were so comfortable and made out of 100% recycled PET water bottles. It’s such a fantastic feeling to be able to show some state pride, even whilst I travel around Europe.

red poppy in spain

stairs, barranco del infierno

hiking el barranco del infierno

growing through the cracks

taking a little break, barranco del infierno, spain, alicante, hiking, caffeine berry

Final Stop - Fleix, Spain

Once we finally arrived back into the village we started at, I was so relieved. My legs were so sore, I was tired and thirsty but felt completely rejuvenated. Doing things like this always makes me so grateful that I have two working legs that take me to the tops of mountains.

fitbit steps barranco del inferno

[Let’s just say I definitely kicked bum in my step challenge that week!]

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