Caffeine: A Confession

My infatuation with coffee started when I was around 13 years old. My father would open up the bag of freshly ground coffee beans and fill up the little pot in his espresso maker. He loved his Le’Xpress Italian espresso maker.

It is a metallic, hour-glass contraption. The bottom part is where you are supposed to fill up with water. Then you place the little pot/spout in the hole. The spout gets filled with the grounds of your choice and then the top is screwed onto the bottom. Place on the stovetop and voilà! Espresso bubbles up to the top.

It was like watching a ritual. It never was meant for early mornings. Rather, we had it for our dessert after dinner. We would finish our meal, he would put the pot on, take out some rose water or milk, and we would add a spoonful of sugar. I would drink it as quick as one could, without burning your tongue. It wasn’t my favorite taste at first, but soon enough I was seeking it out outside of the house. Soon after that, I was addicted. At first, I needed Starbucks as a special treat. Then it became my lifeline throughout my university years.


What does this have to do with anything? Well, the caffeine addiction is much like other addictions. It starts out innocent, and sure enough, you have headaches on days where you didn’t wake up early enough to make yourself a cup.

My other addiction is travel. It started with a trip to Disney World when I was little. I visited a few different States after that.  Then, we went to Mexico. Then, I went to visit my ancestral home of Ternopil, Ukraine. Then, I studied abroad in Spain. Before I knew it, I was addicted. I was getting literal aches and pains when sitting at home or at work, and not having the means or the time to travel.

So that is how caffeine, travel and I all relate. I am able to satisfy both of those addictions quite frequently. At work, we have an amazing coffee maker. And as far as travel goes, I got the most amazing opportunity to pick up my bags from Denver, Colorado, and move across the ocean to Hull, England. Now, the rest of Europe is in my back yard, and I am taking advantage of it.

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