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Do you have a lifestyle or travel blog? Mine is a bit of both. Traveling and writing about it is one of my favorite things to do. I love to relive those precious moments I’ve spent traveling over again by immortalizing them in my blog, and writing really helps me to de-stress. However, no matter how passionate you can be about something, you probably will get writer’s block at some point. Fear not, dear friends. I’ve come up with 50 travel blog post ideas, for when you (and I) get a case of writer’s-block-itis. It’s a thing, trust me.

While I don’t have the luxury to travel for long periods of times or very often, I do still fit it in quite a bit. My blog isn’t purely a travel blog but a few of my blog posts are full of food and sight-seeing. While that’s perfectly fine, I decided to have a little brain-storming session for more ideas. Feel free to add your own in the comments!
And now, without further ado.. 
  1. Write about the coffee culture of where you’re visiting
  2. How do local women dress?
  3. How do local men dress?
  4. Describe one local tradition that stands out to you
  5. Interview with a local
  6. Where is the best bar in town?
  7. Where do the locals go out?
  8. Rate the local desserts you’ve tried
  9. Photo diary of your day
  10. How to pack for visiting (country)
  11. Hacks for getting by in (country) – include emergency numbers, customs and other useful information 
  12. How do they treat their pets?
  13. What’s the city like at night?
  14. What’s the city like during the day?
  15. Reverse travel bucket list (list the places you’ve been)
  16. Bucket list of the places you have yet to go
  17. Tips on applying to a visa to (country)
  18. List of museums you must visit
  19. List of free things to do in (city/country)
  20. Post about the tourist traps to avoid
  21. Instagram friendly cafes
  22. How to budget for an international trip
  23. Lost in translation – write a funny post about not being able to communicate with the locals!
  24. Travel and Love – write a love story that happened to you or someone you know while traveling
  25. Advice for single women travelers
  26. If you had unlimited money, describe your dream luxury vacation
  27. International phone/roaming tips
  28. What is the best public transportation in (city/country)?
  29. Your AirBnB experience: Do you recommend it or not?
  30. Top 5 European cities to visit
  31. Top 5 Asian cities to visit
  32. Top 5 South American cities to visit
  33. Top 5 North American cities to Visit
  34. Top 5 African cities to visit
  35. Top 5 Oceania cities to Visit
  36. Tips for layovers
  37. 5 essentials for a plane journey
  38. Worst travel experience
  39. Best travel experience
  40. Favorite travel books
  41. How to make a DIY travel diary
  42. Restaurant Review
  43. Castles to visit
  44. Favorite Hikes in (country)
  45. Tips on train/plane/bus/boat/camel travel
  46. 10 favorite travel Instagram accounts
  47. 5 things you need to know before visiting (city/country)
  48. Things that make you feel at home when you’re abroad
  49. Post about a music festival
  50. One day in (city/country)


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