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Fed and Fit Project – Week 4 Update

Week 4 has come and gone, and I have noticed major progress in my body and mind! I’m definitely losing weight, especially around my core/gut area. I don’t remember the last time I had noticed any sort of definition in that area, but it is happening (side note: I am very (VERY) far from a six pack, but at least there is visible progress with my 1 pack).

Unfortunately, I did have a few set backs, but at least they were towards the end of the week, and hadn’t jeopardized my progress from the beginning. I was invited to a friend’s dinner party on Friday and another friend’s birthday dinner the following day, and this included drinking wine both nights, and eating out on Saturday night (although I still tried to stay compliant, food wise).  Even with a couple of not-so-great decisions, I still feel like I’ve done an awesome job.

My strengths this week were: 
  1. I really did well in my fitness. I hit the gym on Monday and Friday, went to Crossfit on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and I went trampolining again on Saturday. I focused a lot on mixing up my week to incorporate speed, strength, fun, endurance, mobility, rest and movement.
  2. My diet was spot on this week (at least, up until Friday…) and I feel SO much better. I have more energy, more clarity and my tummy doesn’t bother me with the foods I’m eating
  3. Even after 2 ‘out-of-scope’ meals at the end of the week, I still ate well at my other meals. I didn’t let those meals affect the rest of my progress!
  4. I’ve been working on my mindset. I bought this app called the ‘5 minute journal‘, and have been using it every morning and night to reflect on 3 things I’m grateful for, 3 things I want to do to improve my day, and daily affirmations. Working on a positive mindset has been very helpful, especially while I’ve been at work. I feel like I’m happier, and I am so much more patient with and kind to people.

My weaknesses this week were: 
  1. I had (quite a bit of) wine this week at a friend’s dinner party, and then the following night for a friend’s birthday. Alcohol is totally out of scope in this project, but I did make the decision to drink it, mostly because I wanted to enjoy myself with my friends at those two events. I did learn a few things about this: However much fun I had that night, I did not like how I felt the next day one bit. I was really foggy all day and had a tummy ache. The whole point of me doing this project is so I can stop feeling this way, so it’s not something I’m going to repeat any time soon. I was getting used to the clarity and the irritation-free tummy!
  2. I’ve been drinking a lot of coffee at work. I don’t need the caffeine, because I have plenty of energy, but I keep drinking it because of the habit. I can easily get through 3 cups (3 weak Americanos) a day and not even blink.
  3. I still can’t seem to get enough sleep. I slept enough over the weekend, but of course, after drinking, it doesn’t feel like you’ve slept all too well. My goal for this week is to continue to work on making sleep a priority!

Overall, I can’t sing enough praises for this project. All the recipes I’ve tried from her book have been delicious, and the advice Cassy gives is scientifically sound. Additionally, it was great getting support from her via daily emails to motivate us and to give us things to work on. Now that the 28 days are coming to a halt, I feel like this is sustainable. It can sometimes be uncomfortable, to be this purposeful about food, but if it means feeling so much better, I think it is worth it in the end.

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