Black & White

outfit, black, white, red, purse, bag, sweater

Coming to England has forced my hand on being more creative with what I wear to work… In Colorado, I could get away with wearing the same hoodie, t-shirt and jeans for a week and nobody would even blink.

Work is really quite casual, especially in the scientific or technical sector. Here, however, Brits do expect more business casual in the office. I had so many dresses that used to just sit in the back of my closet because I never had opportunities to wear them in Colorado. Here, I really can mix it up with my wardrobe, because wearing jeans Monday through Thursday won’t cut it.

black and white

{Photo credit to Tracy B… Thank you!}

I love the pencil skirt look because let’s be frank, walking around in a mini-skirt in the middle of winter is actually quite cold. Not only do I feel really elegant in it, but also it covers me enough that I feel comfortable. #winning.

clothing, outfit, bag, sweater, red, white, black, layers

{Where am I going? Obviously to work…}

Black and White

{I may look like I’m laughing in this photo but actually, I’m crying inside because of the state of those walls… Landlord… HINT HINT}

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