Three Jewelry Trends I’m Loving Lately

Happy Monday Folks! I never used to be that ‘into’ jewelry, growing up. I hated having anything on my hands or wrists, probably due to it getting in the way of me playing piano. I was not a fan of rings, bracelets or even nail polish. Necklaces were something I wore only on special occasions. Earrings were probably my favorite thing to wear, but even still, I never really gave them much thought until I was an adult. How all of that has changed!

Nowadays, besides experimenting with different pieces myself, I am always looking to others on how they style their jewelry too. Here are three of my favorite jewelry trends right now that I’ve found off of Pinterest and have been gravitating to in my own style…

1. Hoop Earrings

I was six when I got my ears pierced. This symbolized a ‘coming of age’, if you will. It meant that I was allowed to start wearing fun accessories and experiment with my own style. I wasn’t allowed to wear anything to flashy, but I do remember all the Claire’s earring packs that I bought those first few years with great fondness.

Fast forward to today. I still have only one piercing in each ear, and my style varies from simple pearls to chandelier earrings. However, lately, I’ve been keeping it simple and going for a golden hoop. The fun thing with this trend is that it works for 1 piercing or multiple ones, and you can layer. I bought myself a pack of three sets of different sizes, that were probably meant for multiple piercings, but are cute even on their own.

I’m thinking that maybe one of these days, I’ll be brave enough to get a second piercing in one ear or maybe both. How many piercings do you have?

2. Delicate Rings for Layering

I don’t own many rings, but this trend has been making me pin things to my Pinterest Board (follow me here) left and right, and I’ve been lusting after some rings hardcore! Personally, the rings that appeal to me are super thin and the layering is minimalist.

When you keep it minimalist with the rings, you can add nailpolish or other jewelry, such as bracelets, without it being too overwhelming to look at. I love how clean and fresh this look is with white nail polish and silver rings.

3. Pendant Necklaces

What I love about these three trends is that they are super versatile, and transcend seasons. Hoops, pendants and thin rings have always been around and keep cycling back into fashion. Any of them can be worn in layers or alone and that’s what keeps things interesting!

What are your favorite jewelry trends right now? Share in the comments, and don’t forget to pin the photo below!

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