What should I wear to the airport?

Travel style is something that is extremely important. You don’t want to be that girl (or guy) caught in sweat pants and a ratty t-shirt next to that glamorous, well put together and decked-out-in-the-sexiest-heels European girl. But you don’t want to be her either. Her feet probably are killing her, and you KNOW she had to arrive at the airport at least 5 hours in advanced in order to walk at her pace (hint: not much quicker than a baby giraffe learning to walk) and still make it to her gate on time.

When I am traveling, the number one thing on my mind is getting to my destination on time, and in one piece. The second thing on my mind is comfort. There is (almost) nothing worse than having to run to catch your plane in uncomfortable shoes and inappropriate clothing.
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(Left: My passport stamps make me an authority on this issue. Right: Me, sad to leave, at Paddington Station in London)

Stress is something that comes with traveling. However, planning accordingly is something that will eliminate a lot of your problems.

Things to keep in mind:

1. Shoes: Choose something you can run in. Heels are cute but if you realize you’re at the wrong gate (at the wrong side of the airport… oops!) you will not be able to dash across the airport in a mad hurry. “Queuing” is a favorite past time of the Brits. That means you will probably have to stand in a line for a really long time. If you’re traveling by train/tube, there’s a chance you will have to stand for long periods of time.  Choose something cute but go for comfort here.

2. Layers: I notice temperature change like nobody’s business. I’m hot one moment, and cold the next. I could be sweating one second, and then shivering 5 minutes later. Layers are absolutely essential to maintain a comfortable temperature all trip long.

3. Bag: This is the most important thing to consider when traveling, as you will need a place to keep your documents secure, dry, and attached to you. I have found that bags that don’t evenly distribute the weight (for example, only have one strap) make traveling really difficult when you have a heavy bag. I end up getting back pain from trying to carry around a difficult bag. Go for a back pack – it’s much more practical, and you can easily find now that is more stylish.

Here is my take on a good airport outfit:

What to wear at the airport...
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