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While it was far from being Paleo, I had a bit of an indulgence when I was back in Colorado. With all the things I had going on , I really needed a bit of a distraction, and Cholon ended up being a wonderful experience.

On the one day I decided to go out and do something fun, it was conveniently raining. It also wasn’t raining when I was driving, but as soon as I parked 4 blocks from the restaurant, it started. I was meeting my friend for a catch up. One of the things we have in common is we are both massive Foodies. She asked me if there was anywhere in particular I wanted to get dinner, and I told her to choose the place, so she chose a place neither of us had been to before.

Cholon is located on Blake and 15th in the heart of Denver. I hadn’t heard of this place before but apparently it has some rad reviews. The menu was a bit pricy, but we are occasionally willing to splurge on a gastronomical experience. We both ordered the house wine to start.

After enjoying a few sips, we ordered the soup dumplings, for starters. They are known for these little morsels. Essentially, they are little dumplings with actual hot soup inside. They don’t recommend you eat them right away, because, obviously, you will burn your insides. But after a few minutes, I popped one into my mouth and it burst, filling me up with the yummy sweet onion liquid. The other starter was the Wagyu Beef Skewers. They were really delicious and flavorful.

For the main entrée, I ordered the Colorado Beef Tartare, and my friend ordered the Malasyian noodles. Both were amazing. The Tartare is a finely minced beef dish with sriracha mustard, adding a nice tang to the delicate spices of the beef. The noodles were great also. I had a few bites of that plate, and my friend wasn’t able to finish it. We didn’t come hungry enough to the restaurant, so even though the portions were quite small, we still had trouble finishing them.

I highly recommend this restaurant. The Chef is exceptional. His name is Lon Symensma, and he well known in the culinary circles. Although I did not have the cocktails nor the dessert, they were both worth checking out. I was very intrigued by the ‘Blushing Buddha’ drink, and will probably have to try it out next time!I wasn’t too certain what ‘Asian Fusion’ meant, but after experiencing Cholon, I can assure you it’s just as interesting and delicious of an experience as any traditionally ethnic restaurant can be.

What are your favorite restaurants to try? Do you have a ‘bucket list’ of places you haven’t been to yet, but are dying to go?

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