Hull Restaurants Bucket List – Three Local Eateries That I Must Try

Restaurants in Hull - Bucket List

I pride myself in being a bit of a foodie. I am easy to please and I’m very passionate about food. I can genuinely find something redeemable about {most} places I go to eat or drink, but I do want to be dined. When we go for an outing, I expect an experience. When I heard about these new Hull restaurants (all fairly new to the area), I had to put them on my list of places to try. December wasn’t a good time, due to lots of work events and then traveling back home, and January was dry and very healthy. Now that it’s February, I’m looking to expand my Hull restaurant experience. Hull gets a bad reputation for a lot of (unfair) things, but one massive plus that I can say – there is a plethora of awesome restaurants and fine dining. Here are three local restaurants that made my bucket list for the next few months:

1. Ambiente Tapas – Hull 

Ambiente Tapas, Hull Restaurants Bucket list

The Fruit Market neighborhood has transformed from a few shabby shops housed in warehouses to an up and coming neighborhood. Ambiente is a vibrant restaurant offering tapas cooked directly in a Josper oven and a menu full of drinks. Some of the things I am dying to try are the Jamón Ibérico de Bellota (or their cured ham), pan seared tiger prawns in garlic and peppers, and lamb rump steak. In terms of drinks, they have an ample drink menu. I am most curious to try their sherry ‘flights’. I don’t think I’ve had a sherry before, but they have 8 levels. The introduction flight gives you an idea of what sherry you’re going to like and then you can move on from there. They offer wine, beer and cocktails, in addition to their other drinks. I just can’t wait to go!

2. Tapasya @ Marina 

Tapasya, Restaurants Hull

I am a HUGE fan of Indian Food. Ever since I discovered that I love spicy food, I have been craving for that Vindaloo and Biryani. Their main menu has interesting meats like venison, ox tail, guinea fowl, in addition to your typical lamb, chicken and beef. I’m particularly eyeing that Guinea Fowl Biryani and Tawe Ki Machli (or the sea bass curry). Their drinks menu is full of champagne, wine, and their cocktails are to die for. I’ve had a Porn Star Martini in other places, and I wonder how it lives up to the reputation here…

3. Butler Whites 

Butler Whites, Hull Restaurants bucket list by

Unfortunately, Butler Whites doesn’t have a functional website, and it just redirects you to their Facebook (which makes the menu quite difficult to locate). If you look in the photos/albums, you will find it there. It seems like such a chill place for dinner with the typical bar food fare. The menu items I’m craving are the Baked Pomery Chicken, with goat’s cheese and mustard wrapped in panchetta and their Duck Breast & Confit Rissole. Their cocktail menu is a bit limited compared to the other two restaurants, but their beer menu is extensive. They do have an awesome deal that if you get a cocktail, it’s £6 for one drink or £10 for two.

Well I know what my plans are for the next few months… What about you? Are there any restaurants you’re dying to try in your city? 

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