Beautiful Spaces – Interior Decor That Makes You Want to Stay Inside

string lights and minimalist decor

Our homes are our most cherished spaces to relax. We can enjoy time with loved ones or just simply let our hair down (leggings on, bras off, etc). There isn’t anything that sets this mindset of relaxation better than beautiful interior décor. Each area of the house serves a purpose and the décor should be reflective of this, while still maintaining serenity and providing a way to recharge. A bedroom should be warm and inviting, a kitchen should be both practical and organized and the living area should be the center of it all! Décor ties all of this together…

While I’m no interior designer, and I don’t even own my own home, I still like to dream of how I would decorate my own space one day. I usually satisfy my fantasies by surfing the internet. When I am scouring Pinterest for inspiration, home décor is what I enjoy browsing through the most. Here are some of the most stylish and inviting photos I’ve found that hopefully will inspire you! Happy Browsing!

Living Area:

Beautiful olive tree and elegant frames on wall


My roommate got me started on loving olive trees. When we first moved into our flat, she wanted one so badly, but we decided to wait to get one. Now, a year later, we haven’t been able to find one we like, so this dream has been sort of abandoned. However, never underestimate what a beautiful plant can do for a living space. A touch of green can make even the most urban loft feel like it has a connection to nature.

Bricks, Pink, Rose Gold living space


I have a thing for floors. Particularly dark hardwood floors. I love the floors and the exposed brick wall, complemented with some rose gold furniture and a pastel pink sofa. I also just love the rug and the modern tables and side table. If I had a massive flat in some massive city (I’m thinking Paris), this would be how I’d imagine my living area to look like – feminine, yet edgy!

string lights and minimalist decor


I love beautiful lighting. I think it really creates the space and adds a bit of sparkle to an otherwise simple setting. The minimalistic vase is also a wonderful touch to this area, but the eye catcher are really the lights. I haven’t been able to find lighting that doesn’t look like it belongs on a Christmas tree until now. This beautiful curtain of lights is so perfect for creating that effortless hygge style!

Kitchen and Dining:

open shelving decor in the kitchen


When I own my own house and am no longer renting, the first thing I will want to splurge on is a nice kitchen. I love granite counter tops, the modern lighting, a couple of herbs strategically placed and the open shelving décor. When you spend loads of money on nice glassware and dishes, it’s nice to be able to display it. Not only is this super chic, but it’s also very functional. Having your pans, cups and other utensils hanging around on the walls will make everything readily accessible, especially when you’re in the middle of cooking.

wooden-kitchen, minimalistic, rustic


I love several things about this photo. One is the exposed brick wall, especially near the tap. You wouldn’t ever have to worry about getting the wall splashed accidentally. Second, is the massive window. Natural lighting is so great to have and will help keep the costs low! Third, the lighting fixture and the table are just so spot on. This almost feels retro, but in a really good way.


World Map on the wall


I have a map in my bedroom right now, but it is no where near this mature and elegant as this wallpaper. Normally, I hate wall paper and prefer bare walls, but this was such a pretty way to add a subtle but unique touch to the room. It’s perfect for any traveler, like me, who dreams of far away places!



I have to confess that I do tend to have a lot of clutter in my bedroom space. I have loads of books, a massive bed and very little room for it all! I love the minimalist style of this room. There is a tasteful collage of some drawings and a beautiful bedside table. It’s very simple, totally utilitarian but really pulls this space together in an elegant way.

What are your favorite ways of decorating your spaces? Which of these design inspirations are most you? Would you ever go for dark (black) hardwood floors? I would love to know!


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