What I’m Wearing – Lace, Leather and Confidence

Faux leather jacket and faux leather leggings with lacy top

When I was shooting this week’s fashion post, I was constantly battling the demon of low self confidence. What started with determination (“I’m going to go and shoot some photos of myself wearing my favorite new lacy top, faux leather leggings and jacket that I love before the sun goes down and the photos will be great!) turned into a bit of “What the heck am I doing? I must look like a fool! What will people think of me?”

So many negative thoughts ran through my head… “I know I’m not a good photographer” or “I’m such a low level blog that most days, I’m pretty sure only D (my boyfriend) will bother to read it” or “I’m not even that stylish, who the heck cares about what I’m wearing?”. I had to stop and give myself a massive pep talk. I do this because I love it. Besides, who the heck CARES!? I love wearing fun clothes that make me comfortable in my own skin and make me feel beautiful. There are so many voices going through our lives right now that perpetuate self doubt and low self-esteem, and they tell us we are not worthy. They say we are not worthy to feel good about ourselves and that we are not worthy to treat ourselves to something nice or even just for some forgiveness and grace. I, for one, don’t need that in my life. I am only here on this planet once, and only young once, so I am going to fill my life with the things that make me happy and kick out those negative thoughts! <end of self-motivating rant>

lace and my relatively new handbag from CO

In other news, I wear clothes. This is something, I can assure you, that brings a great many people an overwhelming sense of comfort and joy – the alternative may not be as delightful to most. With said clothing, once in a while, I like to be a bit daring. I saw these leggings at Dorothy Perkins and snatched them up. My closet  has one of three types of trousers: 1 – Black jeans and work trousers 2 – Casual Friday Blue Jeans, 3 – Mom-bought-me-thems. I don’t have a lot of options that make a statement. I wanted something that was versatile and could be dressed down for work but perfect for going out as well.

My bag was a relatively recent purchase I made when I was in CO. My mom got sick of my handbag (as I had the one I normally use for 3 years now). It was extremely useful and perfect for travel as well as many other occasions. It was, however, orange and starting to look old. Upgrade and thanks, Mom!

A smile goes a long way! Lacy tops and Leggings just add extra fluff

I just love the lace trimmings of this top. I also bought this in Colorado when my luggage went missing, and it’s the absolute best! I love that it is a naturally wrinkly shirt, which means less ironing for me! I am very pro-no-ironing…

Fashion in Hull, UK

Don’t let this sunlight fool you. It was bloody freezing. All the bloggers that live in California or Texas, or just anywhere south of England, I’m looking at you in envy. Looking at you all with your palm trees and bikini selfies. I am so ready for summer weather to finally arrive, but until then, I’ll have to accept living in my autumnal clothing, sweaters, ankle boots and scarves.

lacy shirt topped with confidence

finding joy in being myself

{Finding joy in just being me}

Can you relate to the low self esteem? What types of things do you prevent yourself from doing, just because you don’t think you can or should? What types of things help you gain confidence? 

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