The Ultimate Gift Guide for Bloggers – What to Buy for Your Blogger Friends

ultimate gift guide for bloggers -

Buying gifts for anyone can sometimes be a daunting task. It definitely is easier to buy gifts for people who have specific hobbies, but often, you find yourself thinking, “what can I get them that they don’t already have?”. Bloggers are difficult to buy for, because most of the time, they probably have all the basic essentials. They probably already have a laptop, camera and a wifi connection, which is really all you need to get started. However, the deeper you get sucked into the blogging world, the more you start realizing that a few extra things might help the blogging process go smoother. I’m speaking from experience when I say that it’s in those little extra things such as books, accessories and gadgets that really mean a lot for a blogger! Read my gift guide to get inspired on what things to buy the blogger in your life…

A Gift Guide: What to Get for Your Friend that Blogs

1. A pretty notebook (£18.00) – If your blogger is anything like me, they will have notes, blog post ideas, thoughts or to-do lists scattered everywhere. Having a pretty notebook to organize their thoughts in is absolutely essential, and inspires them to stay organized! If you think that they have too many notebooks already, why not give them a nice pen set?

2. A fragrant candle to set the mood (£9.46) – There is literally nothing like having a candle accompany you on those long nights of writing up posts and editing photos. A few years ago, I bought 3 St Eval candles to give to my friends at Christmas, with one of those friends being myself. Everybody raved about how amazing the candle smelled, and to this day, I use it on special occasions, fearing that I’ll run out and not be able to find it again. The other day, I was browsing the internet and I was overjoyed to find out that we can still get this particular scent on Every blogger needs a little bit of mood lighting and a lovely smelling environment to inspire them!

3. A bag for all occasions (£135) – I recently bought a bag from Gymtote and cannot sing enough of its praise. It has compartments for my gym shoes, my laptop, my water bottle, lunch, notebooks, camera, etc. When you’re a blogger who is on the go, balancing work and gym, having a bag that can fit your camera and your trainers in one place is so helpful! I think giving your blogger  friend something that is not only stylish, but extremely useful, shows them that you get their needs!

4. Some ideas for writers block (£10.80) – No matter how creative you are, this book has given me some inspiration in desperate times. The pages are filled with one idea/prompt each, such as “feature cool shops or products from a different country”, “trends in your niche that you’re loving this year”, and “things you hope to accomplish this month”. When I’m in a rut for what to write, I crack open this book and flip through the pages until something inspires me. It’s not the most comprehensive idea list out there, but it’s really useful for when you’re just stuck. This book is a great gift for that blogger in your life, because they probably have been at a loss of what to write a time or two (or twenty).

5. A statement phone case (£15.00) – Eat. Sleep. Blog. Repeat. That sounds like my ideal day! Bloggers love their high tech toys, but they also need to protect them. I’m clumsy and have dropped my phone too many times to count. Besides the utility of phone cases, who doesn’t like dressing up their phone in something cute and fashionable? I found this adorable one on an Etsy shop called “hellofloral” and she does all the designs herself and makes the phone cases by hand. Changing something as simple as a phone case is a great way to make someone feel as if they have a brand new phone!

6. The perfect gadget to get your camera photos directly to your phone (£12.99) – I have a DSLR camera that takes incredible photos. Sometimes, right after snapping the shot, I want to edit it on my phone or post it to social media but I can’t, because I have to wait to do it at home. I have to stick the memory card in my computer, upload it to iCloud or Google Photos, download it onto my phone and finally be able to share it. This connector takes out the middle step of uploading the photo to your computer. I can’t express how perfect this connector is for when traveling – snap, connect and within minutes, you can have your photo on Instagram!

7. Smartphone tripod (£20.01) – I’ve recently have been playing around with cinemagraphs (watch Sara Tasker’s video on what they are, and how to make them here). Even the slightest movement from your hand causes the video to be blurry. There have been so many occasions where I would have loved to have a tripod for my smart phone, but unfortunately, I make do with just balancing my phone on hard surfaces (very profesh, I know). If you want to give your lifestyle blogger a great gift, a tripod for either their camera or their phone would improve their photography game immensely!

8. Great lighting for those winter months (£27.99) – When I used to live in Colorado, I took for granted how much sunshine was available all year long. Now that I’m living across the pond, the winter months are looming ahead and light is becoming more scarce. This means my photography will be limited to a short window of time, and only on the weekends, when I’m not working. I’m contemplating in getting something like this so that I can still take photos, even on the grayer days, or even after work in the evenings. Your blogger friend will thank you for this accessory. Let there be light!

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the ultimate gift guide for bloggers -


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