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I missed my chance to go to the Hull Fair, but this weekend was jam-packed, nonetheless. I had dinner at a fairly new pub, saw England’s smallest window (although I really didn’t think it was that small), went to a stand-up comedy performance and laughed my socks off as well as connected with friends over coffee and re-evaluated my eating habits…

I started my weekend by frantically attempting to finish my PDR (Personal Development Review) before the deadline at midnight. Although I was done by 4:30 pm, my office usually lets everyone out around 3 pm, given that we have completed our hours. As you can see, I was one of the last ones on our floor that day. Having it finally completed was a relief, but it also put me in a ‘reflective’ mood.

PDR time in the office is a time when everyone seems a bit stressed out. I’m not sure what it is about self-reflection that makes everyone nervous. I think it’s also the bit where we have to be honest with ourselves about our performance, but then our boss has to read it and we all have to agree.

I want to use this ‘personal development review’ approach to my personal life. What have I done right this year, and what needs some work?

Some of my strengths:
– I’ve not shied away from presenting some new ideas at work and it might pay off soon

– I’ve started time managing better

– I’ve started implementing more routines in my life, and have benefitted tremendously

Some areas that still need work:

– Consistency! I am on fire one day and ice cold the next. I need to find a way to make the ‘on fire’ days happen more often

– My health still isn’t my priority. This is a constant struggle! I need to prioritize sleep, hydration, exercise and find a way of eating that works for me

– Minimizing distractions for more intentional relationships, work and play

What are your strong areas? What are your struggles?

Anyway, here is a recap of my weekend.

Friday (post-PDR) I joined a friend I hadn’t seen in a while and some of his friends at a fairly new pub called Dexters (at the old Corn Exchange). They had a few pints, and I had some steak and cider.

Friday Night Dinner

After I ate, we went to The George Hotel. Apparently, it is know for England’s smallest window.

The George Hotel

Looks like there is someone there! And also, are you slightly disappointed? It does not look that small. I’m sure I can make a smaller window!

A bit creepy... The George Hotel

[Eeerrk! Creepy!]

After getting to sleep in, T and I went to Costa for some cake and coffee. I had a raspberry white chocolate muffin along with a tuna melt and a flat white. It was my last bread/sweet treat that I was going to have in a while, so I fully enjoyed it.

raspberry white chocolate muffin

Flat White, Costa, Hull

Saturday night, my friend Phil and I went to see the Adam Hills comedy performance at the City Hall.

Adam Hills ticket


Clown Heart

at Clown Heart

Absolute Legend - Adam Hills

He was an absolute legend! First of all, Adam Hills is HILARIOUS. After a little while on the stage, he opened up a bit. Adam doesn’t have a leg and it really made the show so raw and genuine. We were laughing about life, death, fighting cancer and even clitorises! By the way, the guy holding the gold medal in the photo is the legendary Steve Bate. He cycles even though he has 10% field of vision. The guy on the left is his pilot, Adam Duggleby. What a great night for disabilities, for laughs and for friends!

I finished off my weekend with church Sunday morning, then meeting up with my friends from work at The English Muse.

cute mug, coffee

They have the best coffee, atmosphere, mugs, etc. I had their sweet potato soup and it absolutely hit the spot. I have lived in Hull for 2 years and only recently started going to Newland Avenue more often. That should be a crime, considering how many shops, restaurants, bars and cafes they have.

Anyway, that’s a wrap for my weekend. I got a few photos of Nala from my mom, so I thought I’ll leave ya with one too!

black lab, german shepherd mix, caffeineberry dog

What a cutie! Have a happy Monday!

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