My Most Mortifying Gym Moment

Today, I thought we might need a bit of laughter…

Two years ago, I was brand spanking new in Hull. I didn’t have very many friends, didn’t have many connections, and was desperately in need of a hobby to occupy my time. My friend at work suggested I join his gym. This was the perfect solution to my problem. I would not only be able to improve my health, lose weight, and occupy my time, but also, it was an opportunity for me to make friends.
I started running. At the time, I thought I was doing alright. I would put the treadmill at a high speed (i.e. – 6.5 mph) and run with all my might for 5-10 minutes at a time.
In one of those said instances, I saw a guy I knew walking across the gym floor. Now, this guy was my friend’s roommate. I met him a few times at work, but our interactions were limited to just that. Just a nice guy that I occasionally said hi to.
This wasn’t even the first time I saw him at that gym. But for whatever reason, whilst running on that treadmill at full speed, I thought it would be the perfect time to wave to said guy.
I waved, but he didn’t notice me.
So, I did the most logical thing whilst running as fast as my chubby little legs could carry me. I waved again and said his name in a ludicrous effort to gain his attention, and satisfy my need for reaffirmation.
Whilst attempting this a second time, one can imagine what twisting one’s body and madly waving would do to a person who was running at least 6.5 mph on a treadmill.

The best part? I stood back up, dusted myself off, had a gym employee tell me “well, that’s one way to get a guy’s attention” with the whole gym still staring at me in a shocked silence. With my pride badly hurt and a bloody knee, I got back onto the treadmill to continue running.
Have a happy Wednesday!
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