Seven Reasons Why Colorado Rocks

Denver, Colorado, Great, State

In light of the recent results of this little thing called the “Superbowl”, I thought I would spend a few minutes gloating about why my state, Colorado, is pretty great.

1. We have killer sunsets.

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I mean, look at that sky. This state is not called “Colorful Colorado” for no reason. Apparently, there is a scientific reason for seeing these extravagant displays of light. Things like low air pollution, lots of clouds and the angle of the sun are the reason Coloradans are lucky every morning and evening. Basically, it’s the result of a phenomena called ‘light scattering’. Because of the angle, light rays have to pass through more air particles in early morning and at the evening. This creates a scattering effect, and with the sun setting behind the mountains, we experience something almost magical. It also helps sunsets are typically Orange and Blue. You know, Broncos colors.

2. Also, we have views like this:

snow, keystone, snowboarding, skiing, mountains, colorado

Besides the fact we have amazing skiing/snowboarding, it’s hard to go down the slope without pausing to look at the view around you. We have something very few countries in the world (let alone other states) experience. We have literal ‘top of the mountain’ experiences – and nothing beats carving down from them at 25 mph.

3. Coloradans enjoy amazing beer at every corner.

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I have become a massive beer snob whilst abroad, partially due to the fact I was spoilt for choice in Colorado. Now, my British friends roll their eyes when I order at a restaurant. If the restaurant claims to have “craft beer” from The States and the only ‘Colorado beer’ I can find is Coors, it’s a massive disappointment. Typically, what ensues is that I don’t stop complaining about it to everyone and ultimately ruin a proper British night out.  Just give a girl some good ol’ Colorado beer, and we’ll call it a day, okay?

Anyway, I love the selection of beer in Colorado. I mean, you have Denver Beer Co., (in.. you guessed it… Denver), then there is Odell’s in Fort Collins, Boulder Beer, and my favorite, Left Hand Canyon. That’s just to name a few.

4. Mountains and more mountains.

colorado, denver, mountains, sunset

{But seriously, those sunsets!}

chautauqua, boulder, colorado, view, university of colorado, cu boulder, cu, buffs

{View of CU Boulder from Chautauqua}

Because the Rocky Mountains cross right through Colorado, you can bet we do a thing or two in them. Our summers are for hiking, picnicking, rafting, tubing, rock climbing, and scenic driving. The winter is for skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, and ice fishing. That’s one thing I really love about home – as a general population, we are very active. With 300 days a year of sun, it’s hard to just keep us indoors. I miss living at the foot of the Flatirons in Boulder because I could just roll out of bed on a Saturday, walk 10 minutes, and be at the doorstep of nature. Mountains are a luxury, and Colorado is rich.

5. It’s a foodie haven.

lark burger, food, foodie

{Lark Burger}

So while I acknowledge that though there are probably far more luxurious places to eat at than Lark Burger, it still made my list of ‘foodie havens’, and for good reason. It made my list because not only does it provide absolutely the best burgers, but they are a company who has a bit of a moral compass. All of their food consists of natural ingredients (ie: no preservatives or additives, all the sauces are made in house, and the oil they use is trans-fat free canola oil). In addition, all their containers are biodegradable, the utensils are made from potato and corn starch, 100% of their energy comes from wind, and almost all their garbage goes to compost and not to land fills. I’m positive you will not only enjoy their food, but sleep a little better at night knowing that you didn’t leave a massive carbon footprint.

mexican food

{Home to lots of delicious Mexican restaurants!}

Since I’ve been in the UK, I have yet to find a decent Mexican restaurant. Obviously, the amount of Mexican immigrants in the UK are not even close to the amount of Mexican immigrants in just Colorado, so one would expect their wonderful culture has not influenced British cuisine just yet. Back home, every city has at least 2-3 decent Mexican restaurants, and there are always more cropping up. I think what makes me love Mexican food so much is that it’s a mix of simple ingredients but lots of spices and the plate being very colorful at the end. Unless you go for Indian food here in England, it’s quite unusual to find food that is genuinely spicy.

amazing restaurant in Denver

Obviously, Denver is not lacking in choices for where to eat out. Whether it’s a fancy Italian restaurant, or an amazing sushi bar, vegan restaurant, gluten-free restaurant, or all the way to Chipotle, nobody can argue that Coloradans love to eat, and eat well.

6. Coloradans have a great bar-scene.

nights out

Downton Denver is one of my favorite cities to go out in. Maybe it’s because I know the place, but I can vouch that we have such a great selection of restaurants, breweries, bars and clubs. While my only complaint is not having easily accessible public transportation to get into the city, it’s really a small complaint. The Denver nightlife definitely is worth a visit. My favorite neighborhood to go out in is The Highlands. It’s buzzing with so many people and so much activity. One place that’s always a fun visit is the prohibition (a ‘speak-easy’) style bar is Williams & Graham. They make your drinks the old-fashioned way and they are not only delicious, but very strong!

7. We also have teams we can be proud of…

peyton manning


I’m not even going to go into much detail, but I’m just so proud of our team. Even people in the UK were congratulating me on Sunday’s win. When I was a little girl, I started watching American Football the season we went to the Superbowl and beat the Packers. I remember this was the night I prayed to God that He would help the Broncos win. I know it’s quite silly, but my little prayer that night was answered. Ever since then, I was a fan. Unfortunately, since 1999, the Broncos did not win a Superbowl. At least not until Sunday’s game. I feel like that little girl again, who got excited watching her team play. They, along with the Avalanche, Nuggets, Rockies, Rapids and Mammoths are all amazing teams and represent our state well!

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