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    Twenty (Plus Nine) – A Few Lessons From Getting Older

    On getting older and wiser... 29 lessons

    {I just wanted to preface this by letting you know that this post has taken me AGES to write. So, no, I’ve not gone missing and yes, you better love it!}

    On the 29th of October, I turned 29. I’m not going to lie, it scares me. Most of my friends can tell you, laughingly, that I am scared about getting older. They cringe every time I get annoyed when they get carded upon entering a bar and I don’t, or when I rage that I’m no longer eligible (by about a few years) for the railcard (let’s have a moment of silence for no more savings on train tickets). And they roll their eyes every time someone asks me how old I am, because I incessantly respond, “how old do you think I am?”, as if there is some right or wrong answer (hint: there is a right answer and it’s 21).

    This is scary territory for me. Approaching 30 is not something I’m very comfortable with, but it’s definitely inevitable! It’s been a little over a week now, and I’ve been doing some reflecting. Although inching up to 30 is full of so many unknowns and surprises, I know I’m going to enter the decade prepared with many valuable life lessons from my 20’s. In honor of those 29 candles on my cake, here are 29 life lessons that I’ve learned (and am still learning)…

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