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Over this past weekend, something strange and unexpected occurred… It was sunny! In Hull, of all places. I’m not the best photographer but I thought I could dust off my Nikon and let it out to play. It was a 40 minute walk to get in the City Centre (yay for steps on my Fitbit!). I looked like a massive dork lugging my camera bag and my tripod behind but I have made it a goal to start taking more photos and actually learn how to operate my camera. Bare with my experimentation and terrible camera focus!

black wide brimmed hat, european style

I have had a slight obsession with wide-brimmed hats. I never wore hats back home in Colorado. However, since moving to the UK, I’ve started to notice them frequently on other people, and it has intrigued me. That’s one thing about the Brits – they love their hats! One of my favorite styles is definitely the wide-brimmed black hat that seems to be popping up over town. My friends can attest that I’ve been moping for a while at the mall looking for one that I liked. I spotted this beauty at Primark (I think it was only 8 pounds!). It was love at first site! It’s not the most practical hat, due to it being windy in Hull. I spend more time holding on to it so it doesn’t fly away than I do anything else with it. But it’s officialy my favorite accessory!

wide brimmed hat, black, outfit, european, style

The streets were basically empty on Sunday. The only people that were out were visitors to the Wilberforce museum (which I still have yet to go to!). I also used the fact I was in town as an excuse to pop over to Lush and buy a birthday gift for a friend.

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{Cobblestone street – Hull, UK}

One of the things I love about living in Europe is that there is no lack of cobblestone streets. They are a pain to walk in when you’re wearing heels – you end up resembling a baby giraffe, learning to walk. But apart from being high-heeled death traps, they make for very interesting photos.

wide brimmed hat, style, european, black

Stay tuned for more adventures in photography!

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