Layering for Summer

So, summer came and went, and it’s not even halfway through June yet. Trying to find something appropriate to wear in the constantly changing weather (ranging from humid and sunny to downpour and freezing) has been challenging, to say the least. I’m trying to embrace seasonal bare arms and legs, while simultaneously accepting that here, it’s never fully ‘summer’. I’ve been finding a good balance with throwing on a cozy jumper, in case I get cold. Sometimes, I don’t know what to curse more, the weather or the company aircon wars.

Regardless of who has control of the aircon, layering for summer is so appropriate, and often overlooked. I’m sure if you live near the equator, this isn’t even a thing that would cross your mind. Up North, it’s what can turn a fun time spent outdoors into being really miserable and uncomfortable experience.


I’ve recently started wearing the pendant my mum gave me last Christmas. Needless to say, I have fallen in love with this little accessory. This was cemented into my daily wardrobe, especially when I saw that all the cool kids are wearing them now. Usually, I am not usually a fan of gold, however, after I put on the necklace and saw how delicate it was, I haven’t been able to take it off since. I don’t love admitting when my mum is right, but she clearly has some foresight into what will be ‘in style’ in 6 months time.

I love the cami, because it’s so versatile. When paired with jeans and a cardigan, a black lacy top is perfectly appropriate for work. Contrarily, if I wear it a skirt, some heels and a clutch, I can easily continue with it on a night out. Having pieces that are great for layering for summer, and all the unpredictable weather that comes with it, are essential.

Yellow is a happy colour. It reminds me of sitting under the yellow sun, sipping on some delicious cold drink and soaking in the warm, luxurious, Vitamin D-filled rays. Weather permitting, of course.

// Skirt (similar here) // Top (similar here) // Jumper (similar here) // Shoes  (similar here)// Ring (similar here)//

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