What I’m Wearing – Little Details and Lace V-Neck Jumpers

Cotton Open Lace Back V-Neck Jumper from M&S, fashion blogger in Hull

I’ve lived in the UK for two and a half years, and have never set foot in a Marks and Spencer’s, until a few weeks ago (I know, how embarassing). All I can begin to tell you is what a wasted life it has been. I don’t know what I thought M&S was. Perhaps I thought it was a law firm or something ridiculously posh. Oh the things I could have wasted money on, had I known about it sooner. Not only does it have so many (pricy) delicious things to indulge on, but also, they have some of the cutest clothes I’ve seen, especially for the summer season. When I popped into their shop a few weeks ago, I quickly found a few items I fell in love with, and this cotton, open lace back, V-neck jumper from M&S made the top of my list.

Every time I see something delicate, lacy or cozy, I can’t seem to resist. This jumper is a combination of all three of those things, which, in my mind, equals perfection. It’s perfectly slouchy, so I feel extremely comfortable in it, yet it still comes across as a bit dressy. All the while it tricks you to think it’s only just a simple, navy v-neck from. The hidden secret is that this jumper, with all of its soft, cottony glory, has the most gorgeous back details…

Marks and Spencer, Lace V-Neck Jumpers in Navy, lifestyle blog

The lacy back is everything; I bought the jumper for this detail alone. I don’t like having a lower cut shirt/top, exposing my cleavage, but I love the idea of tastefully showing some skin. Back in the day, when I was a high school swimmer, I had the best back ever. You’re probably thinking, I’m weird (which is totally true) but I would like to say that backs can definitely be sexy, and I had a sexy back. And what’s worse is that I didn’t know it at the time because of hormones and self-consiousness (what an idiot). Alas, all of the open back tops I could have worn… Now, even though I don’t have the back of a high school swimmer, I just don’t care, because who has time for being self-conscious?! Not this girl! It’s time to show off that skin!

fashion blogger in Hull, black sandals for summer, blue scarf and M&S cotton v-neck jumper

Side note, I bought that scarf at some random market stall, back when I was in Brussels. It brings me back fond memories, and I am constantly impressed with all the pretty colors.

black sandals for summer

{Shoes – Similar here and here}

I love a classy sandal. This pair was something I had scooped up when I was in Denver visiting family (and when I had to buy all the clothes during my ‘missing suitcase‘ ordeal). In Northern England, where dry, sunny days are a rarity and raincoats and wellies are practically the main substitute for tank tops and flip flops, it hard to find much reason to own a pair of open toed sandals. However, the weather gods have shined their faces on Hull this past weekend, and it was SUNNY. Needless to say, my toes saw the British sun for the first time in over a year.

fashion blog in Hull, M&S Jumper

Casual jumpers and denim

{Jeans – similar here}

earrings and accessories, hull lifestyle blog

{earrings – similar here, necklace – similar here}

Where have you been shopping lately? Where are the sales? Comment below!

Also... Thanks to my awesome photographer - Tess, you're the best!
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