Cozy-Sweater-and-Scarf Kind of Weather

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Oversized Sweater - Zara, Scarf - Some stand in Belgium

I have blinked, and September is more than halfway over. While I’m not excited about the colder, shorter, wetter days on the horizon, I am excited to swap out my lighter cardigans for some cozier knits and muted colours.

I’ll admit to one thing: I actually wear this sweater all year. It is my go-to when I know I’ll need some warmer layers later on in the day (or when I know the air conditioner at the office will be on full blast). It’s very versatile, comfortable and loose enough to get wrapped up in.

My scarf has a story as well. Normally, I rarely buy myself a souvenir when I go traveling. Most of my shopping is for others. When I went to Belgium I found myself lost in the city centre. While exploring, I ran into a few stands selling various things – scarves, hats, sunglasses, etc. This scarf and a similar light blue one caught my eye, so I naturally had to purchase it. The colors are so me. I am very attracted to ‘burgundy’ or ‘wine-colored’ clothing, as well as a striking light blue. The fabric is very soft, adding to the ‘curled up under a blanket’ effect that dictates my cold-weather outfit choices.

ootd, autumn, style, jeans, zara, sweater, jumper


sweater, scarf, hull, city, style, ootd


lovely colors


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