Tulips and Tulle

tulle skirts, spring outfit

If you’ve been following me on social media (i.e. – my countless photos of my houseplants on Instagram), you know just how obsessed I am with SPRING. Springtime signals newness, cleaning, growth and apparently allergies. But with enough antihistamines, a girl can conquer the world, amiright?

tullips for spring, photography

Tulips are an essential in every house during this season. In addition to those pesky allergies, tulips are a sign that warm weather is just around the corner. Flowers are an affordable way to brighten up your home and add some color. I know they are only temporary, but it’s such a lovely way to bring in some warmth and make a statement. I had fun with these tulips. They are so vibrant and I really felt in tune with the season.

purple tulle skirt

Anyway, this season is also the best time to go through the wardrobe and dust off those breezy, feminine skirts and blouses. Sure, the nights are still cold, but as soon as the days start warming up, I love to put away the heavy jackets and winter scarves and I reach for my light whites and pastel-colored clothing. And those ballet flats, that had no use during the rainy winter months, are now emerging too!

white blouse and beige jacket

What I love about this outfit is how playful and ‘girly’ it is. Lately, I’ve been enjoying movies and shows about ballet and dance, and it may be starting to seep into my regular outfit choices. I don’t own too many skirts and none with tulle, but after seeing this in ASOS, I just had to purchase it. It’s not something I’d wear to work, but I am hoping to start incorporating skirts into my normal clothing.

spring outfit, purple tulle skirt, white blouse, beige jacket

tullips and tulle,

I’m going to leave you with this inspirational quote from Helen Keller. We could all use a little light and optimism, especially with all the crap happening around the world. Positivity is something I so eagerly want in my life, and I’m working on changing my “bah humbug” attitude. I will be keeping my face towards the (metaphorical) warmth, and see what happens!

"Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow" Helen Keller, quote,

What pieces are you excited to bring out of hibernation? What colors are you going for this season?

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