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Healthy Living: My Weekly Update

Kettle bells, water bottle and weights - Fitness update from Caffeineberry

Do you ever feel like that as soon as you feel an inkling of having your life under control, all of a sudden, it spirals out of it? This last week was one of those weeks for me. It’s been a tough week. I’ve had a busy week at work, a loss in the family, and just low energy levels to deal with. Also, *warning* – there will be a lot of ramblings and run-on sentences in this post. If you’re looking for literary genius, it won’t be found here.

This past week’s biggest struggle is that I have been really inconsistent. I eat clean and healthy one day, and the next I make unhealthy choices. This went on and on. I ate out a few times as well. I don’t know why this is so hard for me to say ‘no’ to. I have my self-pep talk on Monday, where I tell myself that, “this week, I don’t need to eat out because I’m trying to save money and to cook healthy meals at home”. However, my resolve is fickle, and as soon as someone says ‘restaurant’, I’m there yielding my fork and knife, with napkin in place for attack, faster than you can say “Nando’s”.

Inherently, eating out isn’t bad. It isn’t like you can’t make healthy choices. However, I feel like I eat out at such an abnormal level, especially when looking at my friends and other Brits. Most people here treat eating out like an actual treat, rather than a weekly occurrence. I spend SO much money on food and eating out that it’s insane.

In terms of workouts and exercise, I felt really great! On Monday, I had a fairly intense Crossfit session that left me sore for days. It was awesome. I was doing deadlifts, and my coach really pushed me to lift a lot more than I would normally reach for. I have to admit, I am a bit of a sissy when it comes to choosing the amount of weight to lift. I go for the smallest possible weight that will be just challenging enough, but not actually work me hard. My coach saw right past me, and was like, “uh uh. Get more.” At the end of it, I felt SO proud of myself. I know that everyone else at that gym is lifting like 4 of me, so it’s nothing to compare, however, I am happy with my progress! My goals were not to just lose weight and look pretty… I want to be stronger, more flexible, tone, healthy and I want to live longer!

On Tuesday, I went to my regular gym where I tried to run for 30 minutes. The Hull 10k is right around the corner, and the reality is, I am struggling to run for 30 minutes without a break.

Wednesday was my break day (and Saturday and Sunday, but that’s another story). I decided that after work, a glass of wine and some Wetherspoon’s was in order. I ordered their Angus steak and chips (fries). It could have been better but it could have been worse, so it is what it is. I was hungry, lazy, and needed a cheap meal, so there you have it.

On Thursday, I went to Crossfit again, and really felt challenged again. We had a very intense circuit. I had to work extra hard to keep up with the other people, because I didn’t want to be that person that always finishes last (which, to be fair, is usually me). This time I was keeping up with all the fit people (ok, my workouts were modified, but still. Small victories!). The thing about Crossfit is that every time you go, it’s something different and you leave feeling sore in different places.

Friday was great. It might have been the fact that I stuffed a cake down my throat or that Work is usually a shorter day for us on Fridays, so I’ve been actually able to see the sun when I finish. I got to the gym, ran for 30 minutes alternating sprinting and jogging and actually felt ok! What is this nonsense?

Also, in other news, wine has been had – many times throughout the week, in fact. But we won’t go into that. Anyway, ramblings over, and out.

How is YOUR health journey going? Where do you struggle? How do you resist temptations (i.e.- wine, cake or eating out)?

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