Spa Night and Strolls

East Park during Autumn

{Sunday at East Park}

Lately, when anyone asks me what I would like to do over the weekend, my first thought is “sit at home and watch netflix”. This weekend did not allow for that, as it was jam-packed full of fun. From a wedding on Friday, to a spa night and baking session on Saturday, all the way to finishing up the week with a walk in the park and a dinner at Spoons, this weekend was eventful. Here’s the recap:


On Friday I was invited to a really special event – the wedding of two friends for the second time. The October wedding was supposed to be their only one, but because the bride’s mom had cancer, they had a small, intimate wedding ceremony several months ago to make sure she made it. Unfortunately, the mom passed away not long after the first wedding, but at least she was their to see her daughter get married. It was a touching second wedding, especially since the mood was light, and cheerful and it was good to see them having fun.

wedding cheer

{I specifically wore that watch so my mom would stop bugging me that I don’t wear it… And she didn’t even notice it when I sent her the picture -.- }

FYI: If you’re interested in helping to eradicate cancer, MacMillan is a great organization to donate to.

Spa Night (and Brownies)

On Saturday morning, I slept in quite late (*coughhungovercough*). It was about noon by the time I had gotten out of bed and started moving around. H came over and we decided it would be a night full of pampering and indulging. Face masks were put on, lotion was applied, and brownies were baked (recipe to follow).

Asda shopping

{We bought pumpkins with the hope that we would carve them, and completely forgot to. Oops!}

malteser brownies

{This may or may not have happened…}

malteser brownie mix

{Absolutely no regrets}

Sunday Stroll

On Sunday, I woke up and made myself a very high protein breakfast. I had two eggs and two bacon and it filled me up all day. I didn’t even eat lunch. I don’t recommend skipping meals, but I was full and also didn’t remember to eat.

Breakfast of champions

After a delicious breakfast, it was time to move my bum outside and enjoy the beautiful, dry weather we have been getting in Hull. I put my trainers (aka sneakers) and my sporty jacket on, and I was ready to go for a proper walk.

Ready for Autumn!

Pretty leaves

{Autumn is starting to become my favorite season, for obvious reasons}

swan lake

{Swans in East Park, Hull}

Reflections in East Park

{I love all the colors of Autumn}



Beautiful Autumn Parks

{This is my favorite photo – the reflections are the best}

Wetherspoons Skinny SteakAfter about an hour, H and I decided we were starving and it was cold. And also, that we did not feel like cooking. We went to Wetherspoons and had delicious food. I ordered the Skinny Steak (and stole a few chips (aka fries) from H). H ordered the gammon. We both had about 1000 calories left for the day (according to My Fitness Pal) and so we may or may not have gotten wine.  Ok, who am I kidding, wine was involved, and so was discussing the meaning of life. We actually did an in depth discussion on God (Whom I believe in) and just plain coincidence (H believes in) and what is the point of human existence. It was so much fun! I love these types of stimulating conversations.

Weekend coming to an end

{Shoot. Is that wine??}

Fitbit Steps

By the end of the night, I was ready for bed, and not ready for Monday! I did manage to get 19,515 steps on Sunday, so I think my walk was a great addition to my day!

Tell me about your weekend??? What kind of things do you like to do? Do you use any fitness apps?

To hear more from me…




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    I love all your Autumn pictures of leaves. I love this time of year. xx

    Ashleigh |

    October 27, 2015 at 6:53 pm
  • Reply Quintessentially Me

    I just love all your pictures of leaves, Autumn is my favourite season. Love from London.

    Ashleigh |

    October 27, 2015 at 6:54 pm
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