The Best Podcasts for Your Commute


Listening to Podcasts has easily become one of my favorite activities to incorporate in just about any mundane task. Whether it is on the commute, scanning copies at the office, ironing or running on the treadmill, listening to podcasts makes the time fly by fast. Although I love listening to music as well, I find that there is nothing quite like getting caught up in a story…

Grab your favorite hot beverage (mine’s an almond milk latte from J-Jay’s in Hull), your favorite headphones (such as this fashionable Panasonic Bluetooth Headphone), and find some a cozy corner to open up that podcast app! Here are 5 of my favorite shows that I’m listening to right now, and you should be too…

1. My Favorite Murder:

I don’t know about you but I’ve always had a weird fascination with true crime. While I totally hate that 99.99% of these stories happen against women (and just people in general) and that there are folks out there that would do such horrible things, I can’t seem to stop listening. The two gals who host the podcast are great at telling a story, and are SO funny, so it naturally draws you in, despite the tragic subject.

2. Caliphate:

I can’t stop singing the praise of the AMAZING journalism of Rukmini Callimachi. Before this podcast, I knew nothing about the Islamic State, and she really opened my eyes to what it is that they were doing. Not only do I feel more educated in current events, the way she presents the story makes you feel that not everything is black and white. It made me see that people are a spectrum of many things, and that nobody is pure evil or good. While this podcast is very dark and has a lot of difficult moments, it’s essential to listen and learn things that are out of your comfort zone. That’s the only way we can expand our world views… 

3. Nobody Panic:

Nobody Panic is a lot more light-hearted, and a lot less murder-y than the above suggestions. Additionally, I can’t get enough of Stevie and Tessa’s banter. There are so many useful life hacks and tips woven through their jokes. Many of the topics they cover are the things we all wished someone had told us when we were 16. Some of the topics include procrastination, being better with the environment, confidence and even how to stop losing things. Honestly, I keep recommending this show to my friends, in hopes that they will start listening to it and we can bond over the jokes and the invaluable information presented, so GO LISTEN.

4. Wine and Crime:

Wine and Crime is another True Crime podcast (notice a theme here?). My friend recommended this podcast to me (thanks B) and I’ve been hooked ever since. As you can assume from the title, a few friends get drunk with wine, while simultaneously discussing true crime. My favorite thing about this show is how the hosts keep getting progressively drunker throughout the episode and just say some crazy things! The first episode I listened to was their Canal Crimes, and was trying to not laugh out loud in the middle of the office. Crack open the bottle of wine they recommend, and get listening!

5. Hashtag Authentic:

For any creative type that uses Instagram, Pinterest or whatever social media platform you are into, this podcast is for you. I discovered Sara Tasker’s work on Instagram and was immediately blown away. She is an amazing photographer, but also, someone who is very social media savvy. Many experts, artists and fellow creative come on this show and share loads of valuable information. Some of my favorite episodes are “The Inside Scoop on Using Pinterest for Growth”, “How to be Brilliant at Twitter” and “Stopping the Glorification of ‘Busy’”.

Are podcasts part of your regular routine yet? Post your favorite shows below… I am always looking for shows to add to my library!

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