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According to my former housemate, I am a water sign. I’m not much of a believer in zodiac signs, but I must admit there is a bit of truth to the notion that I’m connected in some way to water. Whether it’s the beach or the pool or even a nice, relaxing bath, I am drawn to that ever-present dihydrogen monoxide.

She, herself, is a Pisces. It was as if she never stopped moving (or for that matter, talking). Most of the time, she goes round and round in circles, just to get confused as to how she ended up where she originally started. In the attempt to characterize my personality, I was described as a glacier (slow moving, stubborn and quite a presence) in contrast to her fast paced river.  To a certain extent, there is some truth in what she described. Being comprised of 73% water, I find myself drawn to it, and to what lives in it. As a child, I would not be torn away from the pool without kicking and screaming.  Then, as a teenager, I had discovered a love for the beach and the sounds of the waves, and even now, only a glass of water can calm me down when I’m crying. Of all the types of water I am a glacier – sometimes it takes a while to wake me up, but when I do, I am a force to be reckoned with.

The Deep, in Hull, is the perfect place for a water lover to venture. The aquarium is just as fun for the adult visiter as it is for the chid. The aquarium did a great job describing the science and history of the Earth’s waters. Each day has special events that you can participate in. We got to see the penguin feeding, and it was so cute! I absolutely love penguins, and watching them get excited for their food had me taking an obscene amount of photos and videos.

The Deep Hull

{The fun events they have throughout the day}


{The Deep is a great aquarium filled with lots of exhibits}




{Jelly fish are pretty to look at, but I don’t like them at ALL. They scare me a bit}


{Starfish are so photogenic}


{My favorite!}


{Big scary shark}


{The Deep is the perfect place for people of all ages!}


{View of the Humber from The Deep’s cafe}

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