Cabo de Huertas

Cabo de Huertas, Alicante, Spain
Do you have those moments when you come across some old photographs and are immediately transported back to that time and place? This recently happened to me when I found a collection of photos from last year’s Christmas in Alicante.

Cabo de Huertas, Alicante, Spain, Travel
I spent Christmas visiting my boyfriend. Before I was to return to the UK, he wanted to surprise me with something. He wouldn’t tell me where he was taking me – he made me keep my eyes shut our entire car journey. It wasn’t long, but I’m glad I waited to open my eyes.
San Juan desde Cabo de Huertas
Cabo de Huerta, Alicante
The day was so warm and inviting, even though it was the middle of winter. We arrived to this beautiful cove called Cabo de Huertas. The Cabo is nestled between Alicante and San Juan and has some very secluded beaches (including a nudist beach!) and a lighthouse, as well as some romantic views of San Juan and the Mediterranean Sea.
Cabo de Huertas, Alicante 3
Cabo de Huertas, Alicante, 1
It was a simple day – no fluff. We just walked around, basked in the Alicante sun, and took some photos. We didn’t even talk much. What was important was that we were both there, and we held each other’s hand while taking in the beautiful view.
Cabo de Huertas, Alicante 4
Cabo de Huertas, Alicante 2
mediterranean sea, alicante
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