Six Timeless Date Night (Makeup) Looks

Pinterest has been my source of constant inspiration. I go to Pinterest for outfit ideas, workout tips, and even organizational hacks. Recently, I’ve been  interested in finding some easy, go-to, makeup looks for special occasions, such as date nights with D, and nights out in general. I typed “Date Night Makeup” in the search bar, and, gosh, was I horrified with the results…

The primary looks that popped up were nothing that I would ever want to wear on a romantic night out, or any night out. The pins that popped up had full-face clown makeup. I can understand doing intense eyes and balancing it with simple lips/face, or vice versa. What I can’t understand is bright EVERYTHING. It was too much, and I’m sure my boyfriend would agree that the last thing he would want to see me do, is hide behind layers and layers of makeup.

Instead, I had to fine-tune my search by entering the words “natural make up looks” and bingo! Beautiful, dewy and timeless faces started popping up on the feed. THIS is what I want to look like on a date night. I’ve compiled six looks from Pintrest that I think are perfect for those special occasions.

Dewey, pink cheeks and soft eyes - Date night makeup look

1. I love this look primarily because you could easily fool an untrained eye into thinking you’re not actually wearing any makeup. Her lips and cheeks are just a tad pinker, as if she just was flushed. She looks dewy and soft, and her eye makeup doesn’t detract from her beautiful hazel eyes. Natural, pretty and date-night ready!

Bold coral lips and a natural face - Date Night Makeup

2. I love bold lipsticks – Don’t get me wrong! If you want to go for bright, coral or red lipstick, you really need to balance it with a natural face. This look is sexy and seductive, just like Miss Zoe Saldana herself…

Balanced statement eye-makeup and classic red lipstick - Date Night Makeup

3. Taylor Swift’s makeup looks are usually so on-point. This look, in particular, is just so classic. Her red lips, simple eye makeup and her soft waves create a romantic, yet bold look.

Defined eyebrows, natural face and nude lipstick - Date night Makeup

4. Since buying my first eyebrow pencil and kit this year, I can appreciate how much effort and precision goes into making eyebrows look that perfect. It doesn’t look like she went through loads of effort, which, in itself, takes lots of effort. I think the focus of her look is her face. She doesn’t add any makeup that looks unnatural, but rather, plays up her natural features. The eyebrows, nude lipstick and bronze skin really create a ‘girl next door’ vibe. Pop on some statement earrings, and now, the look is Oscar-worthy (or at least, date night worthy!).

Natural face, thick eyelashes - Date night Makeup

5. I have always been jealous of people who have gorgeous, thick, eyelashes. My own are very thin and light, so if I don’t wear mascara, I look like I don’t have any lashes at all. Her eyelashes are so pretty and make her eyes pop. Her eyebrows are perfectly shaped as well, and I love the subtle hints of pink on the cheeks. I think this look is very sultry and seductive, yet balanced enough that you could wear this look during the day, even at work.

Pink cheeks and lips and natural eyes - Date Night Makeup

6. Gigi is also another one of my favorites. Her eye makeup is very low-key and I love her subtle blush. The only thing that stands out, make-up wise, are her cherry pink lips. This look is so feminine and playful.

What are your favorite, go-to makeup looks for those special occasions? Is there a piece of make up that makes you feel super confident? Please don’t forget to comment below!

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