How to Pack for Europe

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I can’t say I’ve travelled most of the world. I can’t even say that I’ve travelled most of a single continent. But there is one that constantly keeps me coming back and that’s Europe. 

And whilst traveling around Europe, I have found that I experience at least one of these  situations:

  1. I have brought everything I own with me (and am now out of breath from dragging it with me)
  2. I brought the right amount of stuff, but none of it’s useful
  3. I underpacked, and have nothing to wear, but hey, no back pain

Packing is one of those art forms that you learn from trial and error. Typically, I tend to go overboard, but after developing back pain from lugging around a heavy suitcase, I decided it’s time to really figure out what I need or don’t need when I travel. I’ve managed to condense it to 5 items I always take with me, but I’ve also included a free, printable travel checklist for you to use when you travel to our around Europe!

Make sure to have these five things with you:

1. Raincoat and rain boots – Being from Colorado, you forget it rains in the rest of the world. Coloradans can go years without needing a rain jacket or boots. In Europe, however, do not underestimate the joy you will feel when you realize the coat you are wearing is, indeed, waterproof. There is nothing, I tell you, NOTHING (ok, maybe I’m exaggerating) that is worse than wet feet that can’t get dry.

zara raincoat

2. An appropriate amount of underwear and a plastic bag for dirty laundry. – I always count the days I am going to be traveling, and have 1 pair of undies for each day. Then, I will add about 3-5 more pairs of ‘just-in-case’ undies. You just don’t ever know. Also, not having someplace to put the dirty laundry is such a rookie error. The plastic bag (especially if it can tie up top) will prevent the dirty clothes from stinking up the clean clothes.

Pretty underthings from Primark

3. Really good face wipes – Being able to wipe all the gunk off your face is so important when traveling. Typically, I have very bad skin, and if I skip even one night of a proper routine, my face goes ballistic. Having make-up remover wipes helps you feel clean and fresh, even if you don’t have all of your products with you.

4. Tissue packs – Tissues have so many uses. I suffer with allergies so they are great for that purpose, but you also never know when tissues may need to double as toilet paper. A lot of bathrooms in Europe will charge you for toilet paper, and who needs that kind of stress? Additionally, if you are out, and need to go use the “loo”, you can ensure proper hygiene at all times! Tissues are so light and virtually take up no space, so don’t leave to Europe without them!

5. Flip flops – These are crucial. Not only are they necessary for the pool or beach, but also, if you are in a shady hostel and need to shower without catching an infectious skin disease, this is the solution. I cannot walk into a shower that’s not my own with my bare feet.

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Download the pdf version here


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