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Humber Street, Hull

Am I the only one who feels like summer hasn’t properly started yet? Due to the abysmal temperatures and an unnecessary amount of moisture, I feel like I’ve been living in Autumnal garb, since last Autumn, when it’s supposed to be deep Summer. My legs are still a pasty, wintery white, due to the fact that they have not seen the sun since the last time I was in Spain. Despite the disappointing digits on the thermometer, I am looking forward to a lot of fun activities this month. Here’s what’s on in Hull, and beyond for August!


Outliers by Malcom Gladwell

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Outliers – Have you ever wondered why certain people actually achieve major success in life? Malcolm Gladwell takes a close look at some of the most successful people in this book, and tries to identify the things they have in common. My friend suggested this book to me a few months ago, and I am finally getting around to reading it, because I am very curious what makes great people so great. I want to understand how much of it is luck and how much of it they create for themselves.

Wired to Eat – After a few weeks of eating HORRIBLY, I feel very ‘meh’. When this happens, I start looking at inspiration in many different sources. Not only have I found an accountability buddy, I am also wanting to deepen my understanding of why we crave foods, and what our bodies are meant to be eating/doing. This book is on my list this month because my health is a never-ending project!

Obsession – Even though the weather might not be ‘beach going’ weather, I will still be picking up some exciting beach reads. This book is a psychological thriller involving a medical practice, two couples, prescription drugs, as well as some very raunchy scenes. Where is the beach umbrella and piña colada when you need it?

7 Daily Habits of Highly Productive People – This is a great online article about things we can do to improve our productivity. There are plenty of points that are just common sense, such as sleeping enough and setting timelines. However, there were a few that weren’t as intuitive, such as making prioritisation a priority and taking strategic breaks, that I found very insightful.



Fashion Exhibit Hull

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14-18 NOW Present: Fashion & Freedom – This exhibit takes a closer look at the changing societal role of women after WWI, and the changing times and fashions. A series of short films, in addition to some gorgeous fashion pieces are available for your viewing pleasure for free in Princes Quay, from the 1st of August to the 03 of September.

York 10k – York is one of my favorite cities in the UK. I absolutely loved visiting it, time and time again. The picturesque scenery and architecture will be the perfect backdrop for me to run my annual 10k. I couldn’t participate in the Hull 10k this year, because I was in Oslo that same weekend, but I still wanted to get that 10k medal!

Research places to visit in Barcelona – I’m flying back to Spain at the end of the month and am SO excited that D and I are planning to visit Barcelona. I’ve never properly been, so I’m absolutely excited to research great restaurants and learn more about the art and culture of this gorgeous city before I go. Do you have any restaurant/cultural site recommendations?



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Recipe to Try – Paleo Kung Pao Chicken – I’m a huge fan of Chinese Takeaway, but definitely not a fan of the questionable ingredients. This is a great recipe from Fed and Fit blog to curb that Chinese food craving!

Humber Street Distillery Co – I popped in here once with a friend for quick drink, but have not really experienced the sheer quantity of gin the distillery has to offer. I’m hoping that these ‘summer’ nights will warrant some gin and tonics. Any takers?

Osteria Italian Restaurant – This new restaurant opened up near Mount Pleasant area. I used to walk by the building when it was abandoned, and I’m quite impressed with what they have done with the place. A few friends have already tried the restaurant and have nice things to say about it. I’m a sucker for Italian food, so naturally, I’d love to try!



The Beguiled – Nicole Kidman is an amazing actress, so I’m not surprised I’m intrigued by this movie. I love the whole ‘creepy Southern belle’ vibe that this movie gives off. The cast are all phenomenal actors on their own accord, but together, I think they have something unique in this film. This is a great movie with all the elements of suspense, romance, and jealousy. You know it’s a disaster waiting to happen, I can’t wait to see how it plays out!

Dunkirk – Historical themed movies seem to be calling to me this month. Dunkirk is not only based on true events, but Christopher Nolan is the director and producer, guaranteeing that this is the must-see movie of the year. Dunkirk is a village in France where a lot of the allied forces retreated to, after the Nazi invasion of France during WWII. The story is told from three different perspectives, weaving together a unique account of how the stranded soldiers were awaiting rescue and extraction, using Nolan’s impressive story-telling skills.



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Humber Street Sesh – I feel a bit ashamed to say that I have not been to this fun, local event, despite living here for almost three years. Every year, I am out of town on this date, so I was delighted to find out I’d be around to experience the Street Sesh this time around. I’ve had a look at the lineup and don’t recognize any of the bands, but in the name of music and supporting local bands, I will be there to take it all in, and potentially, discover some new music!


What are you excited to do/read/eat/drink/listen/watch this August? Do you have any reading/restaurant suggestions or know of any events that I’ve missed? Fire away in the comments below!

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