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Canary Warf, London

How many of you guys are Latin music lovers? I have been one since I was 11 years old! It all started when I discovered Enrique Iglesias. He was cute, exotic and also dating a Russian girl (who could have pretty much been me, obvs). Naturally, my 11-year-old self dedicated her free time to translate every single one of his songs from Spanish, in order to understand his profound poetry and deepest thoughts (bailamos, anyone?). It was around that time when I also happened upon 92.1, Radio Romántica, in Denver, and forced my parents to play it every time I was in the car. I came across singers such as Shakira, Juanes, David Bisbal, Paulina Rubio and many many more. During these impressionable years, I developed a strong love for Latin music and ultimately the Spanish language.

David Bisbal

(David Bisbal – source)

Fast-forward 17 years. I’m living in England and instagramming furiously. I happened upon one of those promotions for a concert in London. Scrolling past it, I paused. Hold on, did I just see the name DAVID BISBAL??!!? (Note – he is also a Spanish love of mine, from my youth). The link enticed me, so I clicked and entered the page. I bought myself 2 tickets, messaged D and told him he was coming with me and that was that!

We arrived in the Canary Warf area of London a couple hours before the actual concert. Hola London was in the O2 arena. I rarely go to concerts, so this was a big deal for me. Not only was I going to a concert of loads of Latin legends, but also I was in London, with my boyfriend! I knew we would make an adventure of it.

It was around lunchtime, and we decided to get some sushi before the event. I have this unshakeable need to gorge on sushi every time I go to a city that actually has some. Hull, unfortunately, lacks in that department. We stopped at Sticks’n’Sushi, which I highly recommend.

Sushi from Sushi'n'Sticks, Canary Warf London

Their food was delicious, albeit a bit pricy. The positive side was that it’s really close to the O2, so if you have a concert in the evening and are looking for a delicious, sushi-filled lunch/dinner stop, this is your spot.

We went back to the hotel and got ready for the evening. It was ridiculously easy to get around the area. We walked to the Canary Warf station and hopped over (or under?) the Thames to North Greenwich Station.

Hola London - Underground

{This was such a cute touch for the people arriving to the O2 via London Underground!}

The O2 Arena, London

The concert was AWESOME. The thing I love the most about Latinos is how friendly and open they are. In literally no time, everyone was dancing together, and singing at the top of their lungs. We made friends with everyone around us!

Hola London

Just us at Hola London

{Just the two of us…}


juanes -

(Juanes – source)

The line up was as follows: Sabastian Yatra, David Bisbal, Juanes and Juan Luis Guerra. I hadn’t heard of the first one or the last one, but they were all incredible. I Juan Luis Guerra was the headliner and he KILLED it. He is from the Dominican Republic and is not only an intellectual (he studied philosophy and literature in uni) but also a Berklee music graduate. His talent was very evident as he attracted the largest crowds and managed to get literally everyone on their feet and dancing to his music.

The following day, we explored a bit more of the Canary Warf area. The hotel we stayed in is called Point A Hotel. If you’re ever in London and need a place to stay near the O2 arena, I highly recommend them. The room was small and simple but very well organized and it was one measly tube stop away from the O2. The room I stayed in was renovated and really comfortable and accommodating of all of my gadgets such as USB outlets for charging my phone, lights that change colors, etc. The bathrooms were extremely comfortable and modern, which, believe me, is a rare find in London for the price. Hotels I’ve stayed in London before have cost much more per night and have been very old and outdated, so this was a refreshing experience!

Eggs royal, Wetherspoons style

Hello London, coffee

Our first stop of the day after the concert was, in pure British fashion, Wetherspoons for an English breakfast. After we gorged our faces and downed some coffee, we began to explore the Museum of London Docklands.

docklands canary warf

The Canary Warf area once was where all of the ships would go through upon entering London, having a rich history in trading sugar, coffee and rum, amongst other things. That’s probably why the area is still very industrial.

Canary Warf at Night

{Canary Warf at night}

One of the most surprising features of the museum (besides it being free) was the section dedicated to the slave trade. This was one of the best memorials/exhibits on the slave trade in the UK that I’ve seen yet, and it was very thought provoking. The concept of slavery actually gives me the shivers. I will never understand how humans think that they can own another human being and force them to do anything that isn’t of their own choosing. However, it was refreshing to see London own up to its past mistakes. I don’t think this will ever suffice as an apology to all the victims of this terrible industry, but at least with education, we can prevent history from repeating itself, in a similar manner.

Portobello Road, London

On a lighter note, after the museum we walked around Portobello Road. It was a nice change, especially after the (slightly) mood-dampening museum visit. Markets have an uplifting effect. Portobello Road Market is one of those places, with its bright colors and eclectic shops, that does not fail to raise your mood. We stopped in a few shops to have a look around. I was super tempted to get a pretty red dress that I saw in a little shop, but I stayed strong and did not indulge in my instincts!


Pix - Tapas, London

This visit was extremely fruitful, especially due to me discovering a new tapas place. Pix, is the name, and it deserves a post of its own. Let me let you in on a (not so) secret tip… Sunday is the day where you can eat unlimited tapas and have unlimited Cava for £33.

Pix Tapas in London

After a delicious and filling lunch, it was time for one last visit. D and I walked around Kensington Palace and Park and caught a few rays of sunshine. It was a much needed change of pace after being on our feet all day the day before, as well as touring around on the Sunday. We took it slow and waited until we needed to catch the train. It was time to go back to Hull again!

Relaxing in Kensington


Anyway, as always, you guys know where to find me. I’ve been super active on Instagram lately with all my gallivanting (especially in Alicante and Barcelona), so come pop by and say hello! I’m there @caffeineberry!

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