Top Tips for Throwing A Fab Party


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I’m a strong believer that people (including myself) don’t throw enough parties. What’s not to love about coming over to someone’s house for either an intimate meal and wine with some friends or drinks, or even a spooky Halloween party with kids and adults dressed up like their little inner monsters?

I absolutely love parties, but often find myself overwhelmed at the prospect of organizing an event. I don’t do it very often, but the few that I did have been major hits! My personal favorite was when half of my coworkers showed up at my house for my extremely late “Housewarming Party”. My house was by no means ‘party ready’ but every one still had an amazing time and STILL raves about it to this day (it was 2 years ago!). Throwing a good party is something that comes with a lot of trial and error.

Here are a few of the things that I learned about throwing a party along the way:

1. Pick a theme – The parties I’ve thrown or have been to have generally been random and on a whim. Looking back at them, I wish that there was a theme associated with it. Whether or not the guests need to participate is up to you, but having a theme makes the party more cohesive. Highlighter parties or even Black and White Parties will stick in someone’s memory more than just a casual house party.

2. Iron out a guest list early on and send out invites – While sending people texts or organizing an event on Facebook may be the quickest and easiest way to invite your friends, it doesn’t give your guests any personal touch. I’ve been so happy to have discovered the Paperless Post. It brings me back to the days when e-cards first hit the scene. Remember how fun it was to send your friends an online birthday card? With Paperless Post, you can send out designer cards for just about every occasion, including weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, and even invitations for your cocktail party! With their unique designs and messages, your invites will definitely make a mark on your recipients.

4. Hand your guests a drink ASAP and introduce them to other people – There isn’t anything more awkward than arriving to someone’s party, not knowing anyone there except for the host, and then not being introduced to anyone. I’m quite outgoing, but even THAT gives me social anxiety. Giving your guest a drink right away will let them know they are welcome to ‘dig in’ and help themselves and ultimately make them feel more at home, as well as give them something to do with their hands (i.e. – hold a drink). A simple introduction to a few of your guests will go a long way to making people feel more at ease at your shin dig.

5. Playlists are essential – Music has an incredibly important role at a party. Not only does it entertain, but it also sets the mood and can influence how positively people are feeling. Something that sets an amazing party apart from al other parties is having a carefully curated playlist. It’s usually in the background, not too loud but soft enough that you can hear yourself talk over it, and can match the theme of the evening.

What tips do you have for throwing a fab party? Have you ever tried any of these tips personally? 

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