Monday Ramblings

Monday Ramblings | 5.10.2021

And like that, two months have gone by and I don’t even know how. What have I been up to, you ask? Well…

…Mostly work and work travel. I’m back in Colorado now, but I was in San Francisco for about 5 weeks and with zero energy or time to do much other than squeeze in a workout here and there. I did make time to eat (a lot) though (let’s be real). I made it a goal of mine, starting with this last trip, to research and make a list of restaurants I want to try when I’m visiting a new place, and try and make it through it. If I’m going to be living in hotels for weeks at a time, I might as well make the most of it and experience the best of the city! I will share what I had on my list for SF in another post, as well as some recs for really tasty food!

I also got a haircut/highlights and eyebrow tint from Zandi K Salon (check them out if you’re in the Denver Metro Area!), and have felt so much better about myself. It’s really impressive what something like a simple haircut can do to your self-esteem. I’ve not even changed the style or even the color, but having a fresh do’ can be life-changing.

Speaking of life-changing things… I got my second vaccine today! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that enough of the population opts to get the vaccine so we can get to herd immunity (although according to some sources, it’s looking like it’s not likely for various reasons…). But anyway, I will not let that take away from my hope that maybe this is the key for us to stop the spread and get on with our lives. I, for one, miss dancing in clubs, chatting with friends in sweaty pubs (ick, but also…), and traveling without being paranoid that Sir Coughs-A-Lot next to me is sick or just experiencing a case of a dry throat.

On another note, here are some things I am loving…

Pizza, apparently, can now be made in a vending machine. Is this sheer genius or an insult to the entire Italian population?

Have you heard of doomscrolling? I haven’t until a few weeks ago, and it’s actually the perfect word for what I’ve been doing on my phone since March 2020.

I binged watched all the available episodes, of this Netflix show called Shadow and Bone, in one sitting. I highly recommend it for people who love fantasy and magical storylines. Bonus points that it’s based on a book that takes place in a mythical Russia-like country!

I’ve recently read a few really good books, and can’t wait to share my thoughts with you about them! If you haven’t seen my #bookstagram account, you should check it out! I post my recaps here on the blog as well!

Make-up and beauty related… I’ve recently purchased this eyeshadow palette and am obsessed with the colors. I bought it because it’s a smaller size than my urban decay palettes, so it can travel better, and I’ve been using it even at home! This make-up remover I bought the same day to try out, however, has not won me over, but I’ll use it until it’s finished because, let’s not waste..

Cryptocurrencies interested me long before the pandemic hit. A decentralized, digital monetary system? Yes, please! A few months ago, someone recommended that I try out this Bitcoin rewards debit card called Fold. It has a fun wheel-of-fortune feature that you can spin once daily, as well as after any purchase, and I’ve not missed a single day to spin it. So far, since March, I’ve earned $31 from spinning it daily, and using it on things I would normally purchase (hello, Chipotle). The app is still in its early stages, and it’s only available in the US so far, but I really love it and want everyone who can sign up for it to do it (free money!!). I don’t get any commission or even referral rewards. I just love the concept and this tool so much! I had to share!

And that’s a wrap for my ‘Monday Ramblings’ post! Hope your Monday was fabulous. If you guys ever want me to write more about a specific topic, let me know!

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